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Quan is born out of the latent need for a reliable automated trading infrastructure. We have grouped some of the best people to solve complex problems in markets and across many digital assets. We combine bleeding edge tech, quantitative research, an agile and a very entrepreneurial culture to create a global leading Digital Assets trading firm.

Our philosophy is simple: titles and marketing numbers don't matter as much as ideas, execution and results. We are motivated to compete at the highest level, with well founded and consistent products.

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What we excel at

Our Services

Algo Trading

Our unique infrastructure allows us to offer non-custodian algo trading, in which users can profit off of markets volatility without trusting their Bitcoin to unknown parties.
Our strategies are founded on thorough research, proprietary technology and a robust risk management.

Blockchain Consulting

We create tailored and efficient solutions for businesses using a wide spectrum of Blockchain technologies.
Our consulting is hands-on, performance-focused and mindfully constructed with compliances in mind, lead by industry pioneers and senior developers.

Market Monitoring

Beyond Exchange APIs, our Data Scrapers provide us with second-precise market data.
From candles, vwap, open interest, indicators and other metrics to announcements, trollbox, social media, news, codebases and further unstructured data, we have it as soon as it happens.

Community Projects

Via Open Source projects, we give back to the community so it can use and build upon our contributions.

Smart Contracts

Build Dapps, run decentralized codes, tokenize companies, kickstart STOs and achieve sophisticated implementations.

Market Analysis

Go one step further and receive powerful reports built on top of our market-leading datasets. By investors for investors.

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Our Team

Antonio Neto



Antonio is an Engineer involved in the crypto space since 2013, leading the developent of new products and operations in Latin America. At Quan, is responsible for the team, operation and quality of our services.

Kaue Cano



Kaue has more than 7 years of development experience, several hackathon victories and a vast portfolio of bleeding edge projects. At Quan, he works with state-of-the-art Blockchain 3.0 Tech, AI and Cloud Computing.

Afonso Belice



Professor of Law, Innovation and Technology, acted in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies for crypto regulation. Master in Constitutional Law, produces of educational content and is Quan's Legal Director.




With more than 7 years of experience in the crypto market, Alexandre worked with mining infrastructure in China and Paraguay and specialized in Structured Operations. At Quan, oversees all processes and optimizes day-to-day operations.

Vilas Boas



Counting with over 5 years of experience in signal processing, machine learning and embedded systems, Claudio specializes in developing new tools and applications. At Quan, pushes new developments of Algo Trading, Cloud Platforms and Blockchain Tech.



Lead Mathematician

Carlos is PhD in topics related to Artificial Intelligence, modeling and process control. For 20+ years he was a UFSC researcher in numerical modeling, optimization and development. At Quan, he maintains scientific rigor and helps in decision making using data.

Gabriel Thom


Quant Analyst

Gabriel briges the fields of economics and code development to backtest and implement new mathematical models, indicators and strategies.

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Silicon Island

Our HQ is located right beside one of the most beautiful beaches in Florianópolis. We actively suport our local Crypto community, feel free to give us a call and schedule a visit.


Rua Isaltina Assunção Farias 707
Rio Tavares - Florianópolis